Islamic habits that will change your life!

Islamic habits that will change your life.

1. Wake up early.

For fajr or tahajjud.
If you feel you are always running out of time and you need to do more and your to do list is never ending. You need to try this. Get up for fajr and utilise the barakah filled dawn hours everyday to see how it changes your life completely.

2. Doing Astaghfar

Actively doing astaghfar. Remembering, recollecting, feeling remorse and regret for our sins and trying and promising ourselves not to repeat the sins while doing our astaghfar daily brings a lot of barakah in our lives. Because most of our wasted time is spend in either haram or useless pursuits. And these activities actually drain us physically and mentally.

3. Voluntary fasts.

Fasting twice a week and 3 white days a month.
Sunnah fasts on Monday and Thursday actually makes me more productive on those days. You are not constantly eating and drinking and that way you can actually get more done without breaks.

4. Live like a traveller.
We waste a lot of shopping. Buying too much grocery and then using too much time to try to cook all of it and throwing excess or to keep checking them and organising them in pantry and fridge.
Buy only what you need and buy in little amounts so you don’t have to worry about them all the time. Buy less, use more.

Same goes for clothes, toys, accessories, jewelry, decorative items. Buy less. Donate more. So you are not constantly cleaning,tidying and organising.
Do not buy anything unless absolutely necessary.

Adopt minimalism and live a simple life like Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H.)

5. Do not get angry.

Not getting angry and staying calm, grateful and content makes one very productive.

The negative emotions drain out all our energy and make us tired.

Do not hurt yourself with these negative emotions and be in a positive, upbeat mood always to get more things done.

6. Sadqah

Constantly giving sadqah, helping others, making dua for others will inturn make your own life much easier.

7. Reading Quran.

Instead of facebook, reach out for Allah’s book. Read slowly and beautifully. Read with translation, or just recite. Reflect on the meanings. Obey it. Implement the lessons in your life. And see how peace and calm enters your life.

8. Dua

Make lots of dua for small and big things. For duniya and akhirah. For self and others. For the living and the dead.
Use the times when dua is readily accepted. Between Adhan and Iqamah, at midnight, in tahajjud, while raining, breaking the fast and travelling. Seek for Allah’s help, guidance and blessings in everything you do.

9. Durood.

Allahumma salli ala Muhammad.

Duas are suspended until we send durood on our Prophet. And if we send salam once, Allah(swt) sends upon us 10 blessings.

10. Adhkar

Being regular in our morning and evening adhkar protects us from all harm. Start everything with bismillah and finish with Alhumdulillah. Reading duas of eating, sleeping, going to washroom, leaving and entering home and other daily duas are a source of both protection and barakah. Reciting 3 quls, ayat al kursi, seeking refuge from Satan protects us from evil eye, black magic and envy. Along with adhkar it’s important to remain discreet and not show off your blessings both online and offline.

11. Eating like Muhammad.
Filling only one third of our stomach and eating sunnah and Quranic foods keeps us healthy and hence improves our productivity.

And the most important thing is the 5 compulsory prayers at the earliest time. Not delayed till the last minute, not rushed through, not devoid of khushu and khuzoo. These are fard and it’s futile to expect any goodness in our lives without prayers.

May Allah make us succesful in both this life and hereafter. Ameen.

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