Islamic game for kids : Unscramble names of Prophets.

Islamic game: Below is the list of names of Prophets mentioned in the Quran. How many can you unscramble? Humamdam Umislana Uynsuo Suofuy Ridis Hbimrai Hun Udwad Lamisi Mada Hayya Saum Nruha Tlu Hales Sayil Haqis Qayub Buhais Assayal Lidhlukf Buyay Ais Duh arziaka Also Play Islamic game: Unscramble names of Angels.


Pregnancy and the movies.

Five ways My pregnancy was not like the movies. 1. I never fell because of dizziness. In fact, I never felt dizzy and lost my consciousness and fell on the floor. I mean I didn't swirl round and round as they show on Indian TV and movies.  2. I didn't feel ecstatic. I wasn't even … Continue reading Pregnancy and the movies.