Three super easy ways to be a happier person!

My speech as target speaker for Toastmasters Area Conference. How to be happy? Contest Chair, Fellow Toastmasters, Evaluation contestants and welcomed guests, good morning. First of all, I would like you all to give me a huge round of applause for bravely offering myself as the target speaker. And I hope the evaluation contestants will … Continue reading Three super easy ways to be a happier person!


The Prestige of being a Toastmaster.

The below article was also published in the Saudi Gazette. The Prestige of Being a toastmaster. The prestige factor starts the moment you become a member. You immediately get the title “TM” before your name. Now you can proudly call yourself "TM XYZ” . The toastmasters welcome you to the family and the non-members place … Continue reading The Prestige of being a Toastmaster.

Jeddah Elite Ladies Club

Jeddah Elite ladies toastmaster club members have proved that they not only sweep prizes in the area and division level contests but also know how to celebrate their achievements with grandeur.Their first anniversary celebration, held on March 27th in Mehfilrestaurant, was a huge success filled with fun, games and tasty treats. For the guests to see the benefits of … Continue reading Jeddah Elite Ladies Club