Book Review-“Submitting to Allah” by Nurnazida Nazri.

Submitting to Allah by Nurnazida Nazri is a self help book with an Islamic perspective. The first word revealed in the Quran was "Read." Reading is highly beneficial to heart and mind. But the content matters too. We need to have good content to read and benefit from. "Submitting to Allah" serves that purpose. It's … Continue reading Book Review-“Submitting to Allah” by Nurnazida Nazri.


Hidden Pearls Hijabs Review.

Hidden pearls had contacted me for reviewing their hijab products. I was very excited and happy because this is the first time I was offered this kind of opportunity. After exchange of mails and agreements, the hijabs arrived after a long wait of 20 days. I had requested her for light and comfortable hijabs, that … Continue reading Hidden Pearls Hijabs Review.