Islamic whatsapp groups to start today:

Whatsapp groups:

Prophet’s stories

21 day challenge

Hadith of the day
Islamic video
Memorize a dua/surah
Fasting reminders
Article of the week
Dhikr target
Revive a sunnah
One week aya/hadith application
Islamic quiz group
A speech
Nature reflection
Social issues
One good deed
Will you believe me if I said we could use whatsapp to bring a change? Or at least a change in our own selves? We all spend/waste so much time on it. What if I give you ideas that could make you benefit from it?

All you need is a group of people. Create a group with your friends and ask them to invite people they know.

Read on to know more :

21 day challenge group: It is said it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.
Decide a habit for 21 days, say brush teeth at night. All the members of the group who successfully executed the task post a thumbs up. Thats it. Other people’s thumbs ups motivate you and you all collectively carry on this activity for 21 days and for life in sha Allah.

Islamic video: There are so many amazing islamic videos on youtube by so many brilliant scholars like mufti menk, nouman khan, yasir khadhi etc. This group decides to watch one video(30 mins or 1 hour) per week. Discussion on the video can take place, regarding what hit the hardest, how it should be implemented in daily life and the works. Instead of video, you can also go for an article or an audio lecture too.

Memorize a dua/surah : Select a dua from Quran and Sunnah. Everybody shall post the audio when they have memorized it.(Be honest) If its a big longer, an ayah a day can be fixed. Move on to next dua when everybody’s done.

Fasting reminders: We all know we should fast Mondays, thursdays and white days. But we all forget, don’t we? How about a group which solely posts reminders of upcoming sunnah fasting days? Start one, now. No other posts, please.

Nature lovers
: Contemplating signs of nature is a great way to get closer to the Creator. Post pics/videos/gifs of fruits, trees, animals, waterfalls, anything natural and discuss how beautiful and awesome Allah’s creation is and praise and glorify Him.

Islamic Quiz: Choose a topic for the week. Let all the members of the group prepare for it for a week, then conduct a quiz at the end of the week when everybody is online. Fun, isn’t it? (Islamic Unscramble game: Prophets names)

A speech: All muslims should be eloquent. Because we all are propagators of Islam. Hone your speech giving skills by sending the group a 5-10 minute islamic lecture and receive feedback to improve on. The topics can be individually or mutually decided. Ratings and rewards may be included. (Check my speech on marriage here.)

Aya/hadith implementation: We all know a lot of hadith, read Quran so many times but how much are we putting into practice? What is knowledge without implementation though? Choose an ayah or hadith for a week and all members try to implement it to max in their lives and they share their experiences.


1. Stick to group’s objective and no unnecessary chatting or forwarding messages(even islamic)
2. You can always mute a group to avoid disturbance.
3. Obviously, no mixed gender groups.
4. There should be at least one knowledgable person in the group making sure everything posted is authentic. (Refer this website for Quran and this for hadith.)
5. Be flexible, Make your own rules to derive maximum benefits and to avoid complications.

Happy whatsapping! By using whatsapp judiciously you can make it’s use be recorded by the right angel instead of left.

Also check: Best Islamic apps here.

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