Islamic Book for children : Nanni’s Hijab Review.

Nanni’s hijab by Khadijah Abdul-Haqq is a story of a little Muslim girl called Nanni who overcomes a bully at her school using her brains instead of fighting her.

This book is well timed and well needed in this age of islamophobia and hijab/niqab bans.

It is aimed towards young muslim girls and has a beautiful moral.

Nanni is a Muslim girl who wears hijab to school everyday. All classmates and even her teacher love her colorful hijabs except a girl called Leslie.

She keeps taunting her and one day she spoils her job and steps on it too. This angers Nanni very much but instead of fighting with her Nanni decides to solve this problem in a clever way.

Things I liked :

1. The subject.

2. The morals.

3. Easy language.

4. Beautiful illustrations.

5. How Nanni comes and shares her problems with her mother and how she makes dua asking Allah to guide her to the solution.

Things I didn’t like :

The sentence “She never wore the hijab twice.” This may make girls want to buy too many hijabs. We have to teach them good lessons and we must not encourage consumerism or extravagance by such statements.


This is not a critique but a suggestion : When Nanni stops herself from punching Leslie she remembers her mom’s words. It would be better if she had remembered Prophet Muhammad’s words : “Do not get angry. ”

Also, She should have made dua immediately after the incident. Meaning : She should ask Allah first even before discussing it with her mother.

These are just my personal views of how we could incorporate more Islamic teachings in the book.

All in all, it’s a cute, beautiful islamic book for young muslim girls with good morals.

You can buy the book from here :

Djarabi kitabs

Amazon Paperback

Amazon ebook

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