A short story for PARENTS! 

Children learn by My parents were leaving for hyderabad. Dad had got a big carton of biscuits and chocates to take to hyderabad to distribute among our relatives back home. As usual, they crossed the baggage limit(my mother being a big shopoholic), so they decided to leave the carton here. Dad asked me to distribute them among our neighbor’s kids. I agreed. They left.

After a couple of days, I heard sounds of kids playing outside my flat. I reminded my husband that we need to give away the wafers and chocolates. He opened the door and there were two boys playing. We gave them one box each saying “hadiya, hadiya”. The older boy was refusing to accept but the younger one happily took it. After some time, our door bell rang. The older one came to return it. His mother was standing in the door. I told her “hadiya, hadiya”. She smiled, said “shukran”, asked something which I did not understand(perhaps the reason of distribution). I kept repeating “hadiya” so she let her son accept the gift.

Alhumdulillah we have many kids on our floor and in our entire apartment. The door bell kept on ringing, and the other kids were coming one by one to receive their boxes. Meanwhile, my 18 months old toddler was watching all this. He saw the door opening and us rushing to give chocolate boxes to kids. While we were busy with this, he also picked up one small box and the door bell rang. I asked my hubby not to take away the box from him and just observe. To my delight, he rushed towards the door. Husband opened the door and my son ran towards it and happily gave the box to a little girl. I was so happy to see this. This reminded me of something I had read few days ago. The author had suggested that when we give sadqah, we should let our kids give it with their own hands. So that they also adopt the habit of giving. Also, this incident is one example of how children learn from us and copy everything we do. It made me realise the importance of modelling good behavior in front of my child.

On a side note : Next day, we got sweets as a return gift. Husband remarked “We gave them chocolates, so we got sweets. If you give them biryani, they will give us Mandi”. Lol. #foodie

Also, Dar us Salam has many good story books for kids like :

25 blessed prophets for kids

366 stories from Quran and Hadith.

40 islamic bedtime stories

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