Russian Salad.

Russian salad: Dressing : 1/2 Cup Yogurt, 1/2 cup cream and 1 cup mayonnaise Ingredients: 1. Apple - 1 2. Carrot -1 3. Potato-1 4. Grapes 5. Cabbage 6. Peas 7. Pineapple-2 slices Method : Cut apple, potato and grapes in small pieces.  Finely chop carrot and cabbage. Boil carrot, cabbage and potato. Add green … Continue reading Russian Salad.

Sweet corn hot and sour soup

Sweet corn hot and sour soup: Ingredients : Chicken stock Dry red chillies Water Chicken stock cube Carrot French Beans Corn (Cream style)  Green chilli sauce Black pepper powder Corn flour Method : 1. To Prepare chicken stock. Take 4 chicken pieces in cooker. Cover with water. Close the lid and cook until until 3 … Continue reading Sweet corn hot and sour soup