Islamic short story for Muslim kids about honesty.

This is a short islamic story for Muslim kids teaching honesty.

Inspired by a true story.

The girl who got Two kulfis for the price of One.

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What better than kulfi in hot summer afternoons?

It was their favourite family summer ritual. They bought kulfi daily from the kulfi wala who frequented their street every summer and the whole family ate with much joy. The kulfis were cool and delicious and gave them great relief from the hot summer rays.

The “tring tring tring” of the kulfi cart made the little kids heart flutter with joy. As soon as they heard him entering their street both the siblings would rush to the gate and the elder brother would buy kulfis for all of them.

Today, the kulfi hawker came but the brother was not home. The sister was only 7 years old and knew her mother doesn’t go out to buy kulfi and dad was at the office. But she really wanted the kulfi today. She asked her mom if she could go and buy them herself. “But you are a little girl, gudiya,” Her mother said. But the girl kept insisting her mother.

Mom said, “I don’t even have change beta. Would you be able to count properly?”

The girl replied in affirmative.

Mom explained, “Take this 10 Rs. note. One kulfi is for 4 rupees. Get 2 for us. Total will be 8 rupees. He will give you 2 kulfis and 2 rs back. Ok?”

“Ok, mom.” She said and rushed out her home happily.

She gave the 10 Rs. note to the hawker. He gave her 2 kulfis and 12 rupees back. She was confused. Then she started getting excited. “Wow! I got 2 kulfis plus all my money back with extra 2 rupees.” She thought to herself.

“We can have extra kulfis tomorrow.”

She was returning happily to her home. Then she suddenly remembered what her mom had taught her.

The Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) said: “The one who cheats us is not amongst us.”

“This was cheating, almost like stealing.” She reminded herself. And stealing is a great sin in Islam. She quickly turned her back, returned the extra money to him and explained to him that she had given him only 10 rupees.

The kulfi man was very happy with the little girl’s honesty. It was very rare to find such honest people these days. Just then the girl’s father arrived on his bike. The kulfi seller praised the little girl a lot and congratulated her dad on her good upbringing.

On hearing this baba was very happy and beaming with pride. He lifted gudiya in her arms and kissed her on her cheek.

Out of happiness the kulfi seller gifted them two extra kulfis. Baba entered home happily with four kulfis and related the entire incident to mama. Mama looked at gudiya fondly and both mama and papa smothered the little girl with kisses.

Dad reinforced the lesson. “Honesty always has a sweet reward. Even if you don’t get the prize now. You will definitely get it in Akhirah in sha Allah.”

Dad then teasingly asked Gudiya, “Do you want to share the extra kulfi with your brother?”

“Oh no, baba, this is my prize and he is not home anyway.” Saying this she quickly grabbed both kulfis in her hands and ran away.

I hope this story benefits Muslim kids and inspires them to become better Muslims.

Would you like read more of these stories? Do let me know in the comments.

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