12 ways to do Sadqah-e-Jariyah!

This article will explain to you everything about Sadqah-e-Jariyah with twelve example ideas of how you can do it. 

Ibn Maajah (242) narrated that Abu Hurayrah said: “The good deeds that will reach a believer after his death are: knowledge which he learned and then spread; a righteous son whom he leaves behind; a copy of the Qur’aan that he leaves as a legacy; a mosque that he built; a house that he built for wayfarers; a canal that he dug; or charity that he gave during his lifetime when he was in good health. These deeds will reach him after his death.” This hadeeth was classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh Ibn Maajah

What is Sadqah-e-Jariyah?
Sadqah-e-jariyah is ongoing charity. The charity that will continue even after a person’s death. Sadqah-e-jariyah is basically endless ajer/reward for you.

Why is Sadqah e Jariyah important?
We have very short and busy lives. ( We don’t even know how short it will be) By busy, I mean that due to our compulsory familial obligations, we don’t find enough time for worship. We hardly scrape time for our five salahs. How then are we going to attain Jannah with our little number of deeds? That’s why it is important to keep our scales ticking even after we die.

In my opinion, in order to attain an easy ticket to Jannah, every muslim must invest in some form of sadqah-e-jariyah. 

I have listed some ideas here. The first few are easy and definitely doable. The last ones are difficult but definitely doable in sha Allah. Make a Bucket list of sadqah-e-jariyah activities that you plan to do in life and get marking!

Twelve Sadqah-e-jariyah ideas:

1. Stick Islamic stickers:

A) In Elevators

When we go up we say Allah hu Akbar

When we go down we say SubhanAllah.

B) In your school/office canteen ( If it is a Muslim country/school/office)

Dua before and after eating.

C) In mosques:
Dua after wudhu , dua of entering the mosque, azkar after prayers, dua after azan, and other azkar and durood.( With permission)

D) In home: 
Any and all relevant stickers on doors and in rooms both for reminding and memorising the duas.

E) In hospitals. (With permission)

Dua when visiting the sick.

Dua said to the sick person.

Whenever anyone recites these duas, you will also get the reward along with them.

Dar-us-salam has a nice sticker book or you can make your own as well. 
2. Share knowledge:

How much nonsense do we talk every day? Drop small dhikr/dua/hadith in your daily conversations with family/friends/colleagues etc. 

Eg. : “You know Mom, Reciting Surah Iqlas 10 times will build us a house in Jannah. Let’s do this atleast once everyday. ”

Easy small dhikr that you can share with anyone:

1. Subhan allahi wa bihamdihi-100 times.

2. Subhan Allah -100 times

3. Subhan Allahi wa bihamdihi Subhan Allahil Azeem  

4. Subhan Allahil Azeem wa bihamdihi 

5. Surah Iqlas – 1/3rd of Quran

6. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.

7. Remind them to recite Surah mulk and Surah sajdah every night. 

3. Teach Ilm:

Teach people small duas or dhikr. Specially if you have children around you.

Make them memorise the duas and in sha Allah whenever they recite you will benefit too. Teach the kids around you, your own, your brother’s and sisters’ or your neighbours’ to gain unending ajer. 

1. Basic and everyday duas : Eating, sleeping and washroom. 
Teaching Phrases like bismillah, Alhumdulillah, SubhanAllah, Masha Allah TabarakAllah, Jazak Allah khair to very young kids will grant you a lot of ajer as these will be used frequently everyday throughout their lives.

The important things like kalima and shahada.

The small but highly rewarding dhikrs such as:

Subhanaallahi wa bihamdihi ‘adada qalqihi wa rida nafsihi wa zinaata arshihi wa midaada kalimaatihi – 3 times

Radhitu billahi rabban wa bi mohammed nabiyan wa bil islami deenan – 3 times morning and evening.

Teach them how to do wudhu, ghusl and how to offer salah. Ask and help them to memorize small surahs of Quran.

Read islamic books to children and the elderly. Explain islamic beliefs to them, answer their queries and clear their doubts. Encourage them to do good deeds and avoid sins.

Give speeches and conduct ijtemas.

4. Share and teach sunnahs.

Stick posters of relevant sunnahs in your home. Sunnahs of sleeping and waking up in bedroom. Sunnahs of eating in dining room.

5. Use social media.

The possibilties of sadqah e jariyah using social media are endless.

1. Keep a dua or dhikr as Display picture and status.

2. Upload/post/send/share dhikrs/duas/hadiths/Quranic ayah and benefical articles and videos. Be very careful here. Check the authenticity first or you could be gaining gunah-e-jariyah instead. 

If you are knowledgeable(Deen) and tech-savvy you can create your own posters, videos/presentations and audio files and upload on you tube/facebook or share on whatsapp.

3. Make a page/group on social media sharing authentic islamic information. Or be an admin or moderator of such group.
6. Donate Quran copies, hadith  books and other authentic islamic books to people, libraries, schools and mosques. (I would like to mention mawakeb al ajer(Jeddah) here. You can buy some amazing books here in 10 riyals or less and distribute in sha Allah)

In Hyderabad, you can buy from Dar-us-salam shop.

7. Build or contribute in construction of a well, water cooler, mosque/madrasa, hospital, school, library. Any place that is beneficial to human beings or animals.

8. Teach someone how to read Quran.

9. Plant trees of fruits, vegetables or useful herbs.

10. Make your children righteous and teach them authentic islamic knowledge.

11. Write a blog or a book. Islamic preferably or on any useful topic that will help people. Getting published has become very easy. 

Helpful links: 

A great article by Ayeina for Muslim Writers : http://ayeina.com/how-to-publish-a-book-as-a-muslim-writer/

Muslimah bloggers support group

Muslim Writers Club: http://muslimwritersclub.com

12. Give sadqah-e-jariyah for others. Give some charity on behalf of a deceased relative or perform umrah or hajj for them. What goes around will come around. In sha Allah, somebody will also do the same for you.

Do you have any other ideas for Sadqah-e-Jariyah? Do share with us, so we all can benefit.

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