Book Review: “Surprise” by Zaheera Jina.

Surprise” by Zaheera Jina is a feel good book for kids about a Muslim family. 
The story is about two boys receiving a surprise from their mother.
The story is engaging and there is a mystery element till the end of the book.
The language is easy to follow and great.

What I liked most about the book:
1. I believe that in children’s books, authors should try to send good messages both directly and indirectly to the readers.

Because, kids are sponges, and they are always absorbing information. And what they read becomes imbibed in them.

I liked few good examples shown by author : 

A) Healthy eating habit: Broccoli for dinner.

B) Brushing teeth at night. That too with a catchy song! Extra points for that. 

C) Mentioning name of Allah at the time of eating and sleeping.

D) Yousuf helping mom with dishes.

Mothers can encourage their children to adopt these habits from the book.
2. I liked the mention of crickets and moths. It added an element of drama to the book.
It’s a nice story and great for bed time. The illustrations are hand drawn, using color pencils I believe. And guess what the street is called? The “Colour street”. Kids love these things because it triggers their imagination.

What I would have liked:
1. Mention of authentic, arabic duas instead of just english words.

2. I didn’t understand why there is “Aameen” used.
This book is inspired from her personal life and hence extremely relatable. 

I commend the author for a job well done. All the best for your future works.

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