A real story of selflessness. 

Story from the hospital conversations:

A lady in her early 40’s was sitting next to me in Abeer clinic. I chatted up with her and this was her story:
 She already had had 3 c sections. 2 boys and 1 girl. She didn’t need to have another baby as she already had both a boy and a girl. She must have been above 35 and looked terribly weak. She was heavily pregnant when I met her.
It had been 8 years since her last baby was born. She didn’t really want another kid because 4th c sec is not a joke. And no, it was not an accident. It was planned. So what could have been the reason for getting pregnant again? A

Her younger ister who is married to her husband’s brother had been childless for some years(may be 5-6). She requested her to give her a baby. And so here she was, pregnant with 4th baby to give it away to her sister. Her husband agreed because she was marries to his own brother.

Ma shaAllah. Such selflessness. Would you give away your baby after suffering 9 months of pain, nausea, discomfort and weakness after weakness? Would you undergo a 4th c section only to give away the child? Could you be this selfless?

And guess what! After she got pregnant for them, the younger sister also got pregnant subhan Allah and since she will be having her own baby, the elder sister will keep her baby with herself. 

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