Book Review: Nightly news with Safa.

Nightly News With Safa. Sometimes, just one book, one lesson, one story can change a person’s life. That's why we should never underestimate the power of books and stories, especially for children.  I got the opportunity to read "A nightly news with Safa" by Helal Musleh. It's the story of a girl called Safa who … Continue reading Book Review: Nightly news with Safa.


Book Review : Bismillah Little Leyla.

"Say Bismillah and Allah will always help you." "Bismillah Little Leyla" is an illustrated islamic book for children with an aim to instill in Muslim kids, the habit of saying bismillah before doing anything. The author is Qura Abid and the illustrator is Mona Ismail. I like the concept and the message it conveyed. The … Continue reading Book Review : Bismillah Little Leyla.