Book review: “Who could I Be?” by Shoohada Khanom

Who could I be?” by Shoohada Khanom is such a cute and adorable book Ma sha Allah. I totally loved reading it. 

It is full of rhyming sentences, has beautiful sound words(onomatopoeia), cute illustrations and an excellent message: Linking all the beautiful animals to the Creator.
This is by far my most favourite Islamic book for kids. 

Kids will definitely love it. They will learn about five different creations of Allah. 
Beautiful lines from the book

“Allah made us all differently” .. “Let’s thank and praise him” 
It’s a riddle, a “fun and learn” kind of book. Great for infants and toddlers.

The illustrator has done a brilliant job. Along with being beautiful and colorful, there is something very cool about the illustrations which is a very important part of the book and you will know only if you see it.

I usually give one or two suggestions to the author in my review. But this book is flawless, has no “mistakes” per se. The only thing I want to tell the author is please write more. We want more of these type of books, perhaps in the category of birds, plants etc. 

This is a perfect edutainment book! Go get it for your kids now.


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