Book Review: “Ramadan without Daddy” by Misbah Akhtar.

“Ramadan without Daddy” by Misbah Akhtar is a book aimed at kids whose parents are not together anymore. 

This book is different and is targeted at a specific audience. Divorce is difficult for the couple but kids are hit the hardest. They don’t understand what has happened and are often confused and scared.
This story aims to make the “transition” easier. I admire the author for her courage to choose and write about this topic. And she has indeed done a very good job in explaining about this difficult topic “divorce” to kids. 

The shape sorter example in the book is superb and deserves an applause. I also like how khadija is the “hero” of the story, trying to clear doubts of her younger brother Danyal and explain to him about what happened. I liked the happy ending too.

This book deals with a serious topic but I felt that the matter was a little long and too much text for each page. May be, the text could have been made shorter by excluding some details like, “Khadija would tuck her hair behind her ear..” 

I loved the suggestion of writing letters to daddy. Also enjoyed the “croco-saurosator” idea.
The illustrations are apt and pleasing. However, when kids were reading the books, I wished the TV was off. 

Overall, a good book for initiating a discussion about this sensitive topic to kids. The message conveyed is noble, that whatever happens, happens with the will of Allah, and we have to move on. And sometimes when adults are broken, kids need to become strong and take the lead. 

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