Book Review-“Submitting to Allah” by Nurnazida Nazri.

Submitting to Allah by Nurnazida Nazri is a self help book with an Islamic perspective. The first word revealed in the Quran was “Read.” Reading is highly beneficial to heart and mind. But the content matters too. We need to have good content to read and benefit from.

Submitting to Allah” serves that purpose. It’s a short and sweet book with wise sayings. It is only 36 pages long with 6 small chapters; A feel good book with strong lessons.

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Islamic Self Help Book

You can pick it up when you are feeling down and it will help you in cheering up.

I go through bouts of depression and this line struck a chord with me, “Crying has become a part time hobby.”

“It will be better to take the positive outcome rather than to regret and blame everyone and everything for it. Allah must have wanted you to learn something out of what had occurred. It is a good reminder then to not do what you had done because you can now see the disaster it brought you. Whatever is decided by Allah is the best for us. We might not know it now, Allah works in mysterious ways. Thus, it is better for us to present the best of our capabilities and let Allah control things that we cannot.” 

I was once a blamer but now I have stopped blaming everyone else and started taking responsibility of my own actions. 
I want to become an author myself and this blog is a small step towards it and this line in her book resonated with me, “Start small but ensure you are progressing.”
I also like how there are small, real life inspiring stories embedded in the chapters.
This book should be read slowly, absorbing each and every line, thinking over them, reflecting on them, taking down notes and implementing in them in our lives.

I am happy for Zieda and I congratulate her for this book. 

I have a few suggestions for her :

1. Please use a good editor. The title of a chapter had a grammatical mistake. There was no full stop after one sentence and poems also had a couple of mistakes.

2. Great chapters but I didn’t like the poems much.

3. I wish each chapter was more fleshed out and more coherent, dealing with strictly one topic at a time.

It’s a book for those who are facing difficulties in life, feeling depressed and losing hope in Allah. Or for anyone who needs a little “push”.  This book will help you in gaining control over your life again and make you a more positive and happy person.

The moral of the book is to stop complaining and start working towards our goals with positive mindset and attitude. 

Usually, once I read a book, I delete it. But I am going to keep this book in my iPad because I know I will want to go back to it again and again, absorbing the gems and implementing them in my life.

May Allah grant more barakah in your work and May He make this book as a source of sadqah-e-jariyah for you. 



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