Book review: “I’m fasting this Ramadan” by Zeneefa Zaneer.

“I’m fasting this Ramadan” by Zeneefa Zaneer. This is the second book by Zeneefa that I am reviewing.

This book is about a little girl called Sakeena who is fasting for the first time this Ramadan. It is an islamic story for children full of illustrations(by a child herself! Ma sha Allah Amazing) and simple language aimed at kids. It will make a perfect gift at Roze Rakhai/Khushai ceremonies (party given in India when kids fast for the first time.)
I had opened the book on my ipad and had left the room to attend some chore.
When I came back, my husband had finished reading the book. He is NOT a reader. He doesn’t like reading and is too lazy to read.

So, I asked him casually. Did you like the book? He said yes, thats what we used to do as kids, when we first fasted. We always used to keep checking the time out of hunger and wait for maghrib. 
That is the plus point of this book. It is very relatable. Everyone who has fasted can relate to it.
Other things I like:

1. Mentions almost all situations where we forget and eat, when kids read this book..they would be like, “Yes, it happened with me too.” Even adults will relate to it, as some of these things happen to us on the first day of Ramadan every year.

2. Easy, simple language aimed at kids.

3. Mention of giving of charity to the poor.

4. Mention of dua after breaking fast. Kids can in sha Allah memorize it.

5. Easy to follow, good storyline.

6. Short, to the point dialogues.

7. Two important things like if we eat/drink by mistake, the fast is not broken; and that we should be careful while gargling during wudhu is also mentioned. 
What I would have liked :
Mention of Salah. Sakeena should have been shown as praying, reading Quran and also making dua before iftar.

Overall a good book for children. Parents who want their kids to fast, can gift it to them. Kids who have just begun fasting will also enjoy the book a lot as there are so many relatable instances.
The moral of the story is to not break the fast no matter how hungry or thirsty we get, and even if we are presented with our favorite foods. Sometimes, kids eat suhoor with an intention to fast, but when they get tired, they quickly want to break it. For those kids, and for the kids who eat food secretly(lol!), this book will teach them a good lesson. 

Thank you Zeneefa for sharing the book with me. May Allah grant barakah in your work and make this book as a source of sadqah e jariyah for you.

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