Book review : A Heartless Summer by Zeneefa Zaneer.

First of all, I would like to thank the Author “Zeneefa Zaneer” for sending the book “A Heartless Summer” to me for review. It is a short story detailing the everyday struggles of maids in third world countries. It is written with complete sincerity and honesty.

The aim of the story is to highlight the issues maids face and to evoke compassion for them. And I can say confidently that the author has succeeded in this effort.

The country in story is Sri Lanka and I am from India but the plight of the maids is the same in my country as well as the other neighbouring countries like Pakistan. House hold maids are highly underpaid and overworked here.

Zeneefa zaneer is extremely talented(Ma sha Allah) in the use of metaphors and similes; and she has sprinkled them beautifully throughout the story, creating livid, clear pictures in the minds of readers.
My favourites : “smacking the clothes as if smacking the miseries out of her life.”
“Bubble by bubble popped like her dreams..”
“Swallowing sugar to ward off bitterness..”
At the end of almost every page, the author has used a figure of speech to create clear imagery in reader’s minds.

It’s a story with a good moral, showcasing the harsh reality of daily struggles of maids. The instances where the cat rejects the food given to the maid by her employer and How the rich celebrate birthdays of their pets and give the leftover food to their workers is heart wrenching.This book both touches the hearts and opens the eyes of the readers.

Good story, characterization and dialogues but I have found few grammatical errors, wrong word usage and incorrect sentence structures. I highly recommend the writer to use a good editor/proof reader for her future works. 

Also, I felt the climax could have been further elaborated to leave a stronger impact on the readers. I felt the ending was a little rushed. 

Overall, “Heartless Summer” is a well written book with a good message.
My rating : 3/5 

You can buy the book here and check out the Author’s website here.
I wish Zeneefa all the best for her future endeavors. May Allah grant barakah in your work and bless you with more and more success. 


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