Islamic Self Motivation Affirmations.

This is an abstract from my journal. It’s totally random and was written a couple of years ago. May be it can serve as a Islamic reminder and motivate you too!? 

You should make sure that nothing affects you. Dont get carried away. Dont worry. Dont get hurt. Dont bother. Dont panic. Dont react. Stay calm. Stay focussed. Learn how to focus.Focus on whats important and what matters to you. You are your own competition. Dont let yourself down. Do your best. Expect nothing. Express your feelings, but expect not. Be selfish about your time, your time is important. Your time is the most valuable treasure. Once lost, never found. You are meant to be great cook, fittest, healthiest, nicest and best muslim. You hav goals in life, you have no time to waste. Your life is valuable. Your time is precious. Your time is worthy. You aremeant to achieve some thing. You have a purpose in life. Every action, deed, word thought is being recorded and will be presented to you. You will be judged and rewarded accordingly. There’s no second chance. There’s no coming back. Its now or never. You won’t remain young forver. Certain things can only be achieved in youth. You are at ur prime age; with health, mental capability and fitness in ur hands. You are not going to be the same tomorrow. Today is special. Tomorrow may not be there for you. Tomorrow is not promised. Today is the greatest day for all you want. You are not gonna be as young as you are now. Give your best, because you want only the best and Allah doesnt reduce the reward, he pays in full. Work hard now and receive your full wages in jannah. Let nothing deter you. YoU are strong. Stronger than shaytan. Shaytan is your enemy. You don’t make friends with enemies. You don’t make friends with people who only wish evil for you. You don’t listen to people who are liars and deceivers, people who are planning for your downfall. You don’t collaborate with dem. You don’t cooperate with them. You fight them. You constantly fight them. You dont let them win. You win. You defeat them. You keep defeating dem until they get exhausted. You don’t get tired. Because you are determied and persistent. You know what’s good for you, and you chase it. You dodge the devil and move ahead. You have knowledge and you implement it. You are not jahil. You are fully aware. You hav been warned and intelligent is the one who takes heed. And you are intelligent enough and you know it. You don’t get fooled by shaytan. You fool him. You despise him, you hate all his methods, you hate everything about him. He is the only enemy you have and the worst ever.And you fight him wid all your power, all your strength, all your energy. Because you hav to win. You only win. You are a strong fighter. YoU don’t give up. You nevr give in. Its all between you and Allah, only you and Allah. And he is qawi, wali a strong helper and protector. YOU ARE IMPORTANT, YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT. 


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