Leibster Award.

Thank you Sundus for nominating me. Do check out her amazing blog.

These are the rules of the award.


1. What is your favorite color?


2. What was your life changing moment? If you had any.

Becoming a mother. My whole life changed. So yeah.

3. What are you most passionate about in life?
4. What is your happiest moment?
There’s not been a single happiest moment, but there have been a series of happy moments here and there. So can’t name one.
5. What was your biggest misconception? How did you come out of it?
The whole concept of “love”. Then I got married.lol. I mean my ideas were based on Bollywood and Hollywood but after marriage I learnt that true love is only love for Allah and love for the sake of Allah.
6. Why did you start blogging?
Nobody would accept my articles to publish on their websites. So I created my own blog. 
7. What do you want to gain out of blogging?
Lots of sawab and sadqah-e-jariyah that will benefit me and my family. I hope my blog is beneficial and helpful to as many Muslims as possible.

8. Did you ever feel like an underdog in your lifetime?


9. How do you describe success? 

Acquiring Jannah WITHOUT accounting. That would be a true success. 
10. Where do you want to be in the next 2 years?
In terms of my writing career, a published author in sha Allah.
11. How do you describe yourself in one sentence?
A struggling Muslimah and a struggling homemaker.

3. Random facts about me:
1. I like being alone as much as I enjoy company.

2. I am overly sensitive. 
3. I love sleeping and eating.
4. I can be very lazy at times.
5. I can be very hard working at times.
6. I am a namesake Engineer. I know nothing about Electronics and Instrumentation. Out of the four years of my course, I only remember Ohm’s law. V=iR.

7. I don’t understand directions. I don’t remember directions. My spatial memory is very poor. 
8. I remember words, their spellings and their meanings very well Alhumdulilah.
9. My dad is my hero. ❤ And my mom is my everything.
10. I think a lot. I over think. I over analyze. I reflect a lot too.

11. I want to live in Saudi all my life in sha Allah.

4. My nominations:

https://1newleaf.wordpress.com/ ❤ (She has great story telling skills.)
https://sarcasticmuslimmama.blog/ (She is downright funny.)

5. Questions for you:

1. How do you find time for blogging?
2. What is the best part about blogging?
3. What did you gain from your blog?
4. What do you wish to gain from your blog in future?
5. What marketing/promoting tips worked for you best?
6. Which are your favourite Islamic blogs?
.7. What have been your biggest achievements in the field of writing?
8. What is your aim in life?
9. What are your favourite Muslim magazines, publications and websites?
10. Who are your favorite Muslim authors?
11. What is one advice you want to give to newbie bloggers?


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