Please teach your kids the correct religion.

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Only Quraan and Sunnah.

Growing up, I had to unlearn more than learn. Unfortunately, what all I had learnt all my life was biddah, shirk or plain kufr. It was very overwhelming and confusing as to what is right and wrong. It was very difficult to discern right from wrong. Everything we did was wrong. We did wrong wudhu and wrong ghusl which is the foundation act of compulsory ibadahs. Our dua of eating was wrong. We didn’t know what is sunnah, what is hadith? We did what we were told. We were drowned in ignorance. 

So many things we thought were compulsory, necessary and laws of islam were nothing but traditions. Our marriages are full of shirk, haram acts and traditions from hindu religion. Our post partum care, beliefs and acts are again derived from the hindu religion. Every part of our life was corrupted. We had come far away from truth. Drenched in falsehood, we thought we were muslims, but we were not muslims in any way. We never read Quran with translation. We followed wrong books. We have/had festivals other than eid. Our festivals were wrong too.
Then we moved to Saudi Arabia. Alhumdulillah, from attending ijtemas and reading books and searching online, slowly the truth started emerging from falsehood. It was a very long and tedious process, it was shocking to know that almost everything that I was taught was wrong. It was depressing too. But once I learnt the right religion, it all became easier. 

Islam is very easy but people have made it very hard adding rules and regulations from their own. It is simple, but people have made it complicated borrowing practices from other religions. 

 I don’t want to do this to my children. I don’t want to teach them wrong practices that they believe are right. It’s very difficult to unlearn soemthing. I don’t want my children’s energies and efforts to be used up unlearning. I want to give them only correct knowledge. May Allah help me in this process. I come across as rude and inobedient because I question everything my elders say to me. I ask why? I ask where it is written? I ask them to give explanations. Elders don’t like this. They want you to obey them without any questions. They feel disrepected. They call us arrogant. But we have to do what is right, question everything and accept only the truth. 

May Allah help me in providing only correct knowledge to my children. My Allah make me of those parents who accept that they are wrong if corrected by their children. May Allah grant me correct and beneficial knowledge. Rabbi zidni ilman. 

Authentic websites to take knowledge from :

Always verify authenticity of hadiths from

Follow these speakers on youtube: 

English speaking Scholar : Shaik Asim Al hakim

Urdu speaking Scholar : Faiz Syed


2 thoughts on “Please teach your kids the correct religion.

  1. I can’t agree more. I guess everything goes wrong when we start mixing culture with religion. The same culture that we adopted by living close to non-Muslims (in regards to the Muslims in the Sub-continent).


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