Book Review: A Cat and Mouse Pact.

A Cat and Mouse Pact” by Nayera Salam is a cute little book for kids.
Short story for kids, ebook for kids, story book with morals.

Cat and Mouse stories are a plenty but this story is different.

The illustrations by Teresa Abboud are colorful and pleasing to the eyes. Children will surely enjoy the lively pictures.

The book has a solid, well-defined story line replete with rhyming dialogues. Children love rhyming sentences, so they will definitely enjoy the cat and mouse’s conversations.

It has a beautiful message of kindness and the book shows the children that they can live peacefully even with the enemies and also that they can actually be friends with them, if they compromise a little and try to understand other’s situation.

Though children’s books are supposed to use simple and easy language, they are also expected to teach kids a few new words too. This can be done cleverly by introducing an unfamiliar word amidst easy, known words. Nayera Salam has succeeded in this by seamlessly integrating two hard words “Gallant” and “splendiferous” in the story line.

Overall, “A Cat and Mouse Pact” is an interesting and fun book with a noble message. 


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