Book Review: Nightly news with Safa.

Nightly News With Safa.

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The positive and happy Safa!

Sometimes, just one book, one lesson, one story can change a person’s life. That’s why we should never underestimate the power of books and stories, especially for children. 
I got the opportunity to read “A nightly news with Safa” by Helal Musleh. It’s the story of a girl called Safa who is a positive, happy and a creative girl.

Safa loves narrating the daily events at her school to her mom but her mom is always busy with the news and shoos her away. Whats more upsetting to Safa is the fact that the news are always sad and depressing. 

Being the positive and creative girl Safa is, she devises a plan to bring her mom’s attention towards her and also to make her happy. 

What I loved about the book is the message that “Change something if you don’t like it. Take the initiative and don’t just stay there sulking.”  

The book also sheds light on how some parents ignore their children and stay glued to the news.

This is a book that has a moral not only for children but also for parents that they must give time to their children and stop being too busy with their gadgets. And how the tidbits of their children’s daily lives are more important than the world’s news.

I like the easy, smooth flow of language. However, it could have been more colorful and more fine-tuned for kids. I also felt that the title gave away the “secret” and may be the author could have used a different title to keep the suspense alive. The illustrations by Hatem Aly are gorgeous and made Safa, a more lovable character. The book will surely inspire kids to be more creative and leave them with the idea that they too can turn their “least favorite” part of the day to their “most favourite” part if they racked their brains and put some efforts in changing their situation.

All in all, a good book for kids with a nice message. You can buy this book from here.


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