Book Review : Bismillah Little Leyla.

“Say Bismillah and Allah will always help you.”

Bismillah Little Leyla” is an illustrated islamic book for children with an aim to instill in Muslim kids, the habit of saying bismillah before doing anything. The author is Qura Abid and the illustrator is Mona Ismail.

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Book for Muslim Kids.

I like the concept and the message it conveyed. The moral of the story is to say bismillah before any action. And it has been beautifully explained using instances from daily life.

The importance of bismillah cannot be stressed enough. Bismillah translates to “In the name of Allah.” Muslims are commanded to start every action with bismillah to gain barakah, protection against Satan and to seek Allah’s help and blessings in our work. The book has done a perfect job in showing varied examples from different instances throughout the day where the kids can say bismillah and hence incorporate this as a regular habit. I also liked how Leyla also says bismillah before playing too. It is a nice way of showing that Bismillah is not restricted to just acts of worship but any act that we do, that is not haram.

The book has everything children love:

  • Rhyming sentences. 
  • Easy and simple language.
  • Relatable daily life examples.
  • Beautiful illustrations; however I believe they could have been more colorful.
  • I also liked the repeated phrase that runs throughout the book. It will remain with the children long after they have finished reading it. Also, the repetition of the “lesson” of the book makes it ideal even for reading it to infants.

All in all, a very good book for instilling a very important habit in our kids. I wish the author all the best and it makes me very happy to see mothers doing such wonderful creative projects to serve the Deen and Ummah. May Allah grant barakah in her work and reward her for this effort. Ameen.

Prolance Publishers.

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