Three super easy ways to be a happier person!

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Be happy!

My speech as target speaker for Toastmasters Area Conference.

How to be happy?

Contest Chair, Fellow Toastmasters, Evaluation contestants and welcomed guests, good morning.

First of all, I would like you all to give me a huge round of applause for bravely offering myself as the target speaker. And I hope the evaluation contestants will make me happy today with their kind feedback because I am here today to make you all happy.

In my speech, I will be sharing with you three ways on how to be happy, but please remember that only you can make yourself happy. Only you are responsible for your happiness. Nobody else can do anything about it. Your family and friends can only try to cheer you but if you don’t choose to be happy yourself, you cannot be happy.

So, the three points we will discuss today are:
A) Positive thoughts
B) Smiles
C) Happiness Journal

Coming to the first point “Positive Thoughts” :
As the famous saying goes : “You are what you think,” If you can control your thoughts, you can control every aspect of your life. Always,always try to have positive and happy thoughts. Declutter your brain of useless, harmful, painful, time-wasti , unnecessary, energy-draining thoughts. If you think you are happy, you will be happy. Just imagine yourself to be a happier person and you will be a happier person.

Next point is very simple and very easy to do. What is it? Yes, smiling. When you smile, it tricks your brain into thinking that you are happy, even when you are not. Let us try this right now. Can you all smile for me please? Thank you very much. I see beautiful, smiling faces. This hall has become a much happier place now. This small habit can do wonders to your life.

I especially recommend smiling at three times:
First is, immediately after you wake up. Don’t wake up with irritated, groggy faces. Instead wake up with wide, heartfelt smiles. This is a smile of hope and it will set a positive tone for the entire day.

Second instance when you must smile is whenever you meet someone. This of of course includes your friends, colleagues and relatives you meet but it also includes your household members. Every morning, please smile at your family members. This is a smile of friendliness and peace. Third instance when we must smile is before going to bed. This is a smile of gratitude and contentment and will make you sleep much better relieving you of all your tensions. Please try these techniques and you will notice a huge change in your life.

Last point of my speech is happiness journal. Try to maintain a book with three columns in it. Gratitude, compliments and achievements. In gratitude section, write down 3 things you are thankful for. They could be three things you are thankful for during the day or three things about your life in general. In compliments section, write down the compliments you have both received as well as given to others. Trust me, the compliments you have given to others will make you happier in the long run. In the achievements section, write your done list; all your tasks you have completed that day. I personally think to-do lists are very ruthless,they make us feel bad and inadequate whereas done lists are amazing. They make us feel accomplished raising our confidence. Try writing this journal everyday and it will make you much happier and more positive person. Whenever I am feeling down, I read my happiness journal and it instantly lifts my mood and I hope it does the same to you.

All in all, I have mentioned three points to become a happier person. Positive thoughts, smiles and happiness journal and I hope it helps you all too. Let us all try to be happy all the time and spread happiness wherever we go. Thank you.


One thought on “Three super easy ways to be a happier person!

  1. These are such amazing points you have made. I didn’t know that smiling can trick your brain into thinking you are happy! Love it and will definitely keep your tips in mind 🙂


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