What do you worry about?

We all have worries, tensions, fears. But what do you worry most about? Is it about the trivial issues of this transient duniya or about your ever-lasting destination, your akhirah? Do your fear the creation more than your Creator? Do you worry more about your grades or do you worry more about your rank in Jannah? Do you think more about your sustenance or about your Sustainer. Do you think more about your disease than the Cure? Do you worry more about your responsibilities towards your family or your responsibilities towards Allah? Do you regret loss of your money and property or do you regret a missed Salah? What do you think is more important? Do you only plan meals, meetings, chores, trips or do you plan for your Salah, zakah and hajj? Do you dream only about owning a house in duniya or do you also dream about your own, your really “own” house in Jannah?

As a Muslim, What should you actually worry about? Following are the questions you must ask yourselves every night and these should be your major concerns and not trivial life issues.

Ibadah Tracker

Did I pray all my 5 salahs today?

Were my prayers accepted?

Did I read Quran?

Did I make enough arrangements to wake up for fajr?

Did I keep a check on my tongue today?

Did I please my parents today?

Is my Spouse pleased with me?

Have I been of help, of use, of service?

Did I implement any sunnahs today?

How many sins did I commit?

Did I hurt anyone?

How many sins did I protect myself from?

Did I make tawbah?

What if I die today?

What have I done for sadqah e jariyah?

Did I prepare for the grave, the accounting and the day of judgment? Will I be under the shade on the Day of Judgment?

What did I do today for Jannah?

Is there anything I have done today that will take me to hell fire?

Did I deliver my duties and responsibilities towards my family as ordered by Allah(swt)?

Did I learn about deen today?

Did I share the knowledge of deen with somebody?

How much time did I waste in frivolous activities?

Did I please Allah today?

Would I be proud of this day on the day of Judgment?

Did I keep the right angel busy or the left?

How conscious was I of Allah during the entire day?

If I was not up to mark, what can I do tomorrow to make my future days better?

What can I do to improve my position with Allah?

What more should I be doing to please Allah(swt), to strengthen my iman, to get closer to Him and to be eligible for Jannah in sha Allah? 

So, dear muslims, take account of yourselves before your account is taken by Allah(swt). Allahumma haasibni hisaaban Yaseeran.


12 thoughts on “What do you worry about?

  1. This is such an important reminder. I am actually going to print it out and put it somewhere I can see it everyday. SubhanAllah, just as I was worrying that I haven’t done the grocery shopping yet instead of worrying that I haven’t read Surah Al Kahf yet and it’s Friday. 😐


  2. A very very beneficial article full of important reminders. Something needed to keep us on track and bring peace in testing times. Jazak Allah khayr for writing it.


  3. Mashaa Allah such an important reminder it is.In doing the tasks of daily routine we forget to do so many things related to our Deen & we get stressed out & all that,so it is important to ask questions to ourselves so that we can know that what we missed today.
    Thanks for sharing this ❤


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