Islamic upbringing of babies.

Islamic up-bringing.
How I try to provide an islamic environment to my  baby:

1. Before every feed, I say bismillah and the prayer before eating. 

Likewise, I pray dua after eating, dua when putting on a dress, when putting on a new dress, after sneezing etc.

2. If I am playing with him and azan is called, I get quiet and if he is making sounds too, I shhh him and tell him we are supposed to be quiet during azan. After azan, I curl his hands as in dua, and read dua after azan, durood, quranic duas, and duas in general for him, eg : ya Allah make me a good muslim, ya Allah grant me good health and strength. Ya Allah make me pious and righteous. Ya Allah grant my parents and grandparents the best in this life and hereafter and whatever our needs be at that particular time.

3. I wake him up with Assalam alekum and waking up dua and we do morning dhikr.

4. I put him to bed while reading dua before sleeping, ayat al kursi, surah fatiha, 3 quls and blowing over and running his hands on his body 3 times, last 2 ayahs of baqarah, subhan Allah-Alhumdulillah, Allah hu akbar dhikr on his tiny fingers.

5. I do my morning and evening dhikr in front of him and loudly. At each step, I explain to him what I am reading and benefits of reading it.

6. I make sure he can see me when I am praying. I face him towards me.

7. I read Quran to him.

8. I write stories of prophets and other islamic stories in simple language like this : Story of Sulaiman (A.S.) for kids, and read out to him in his story time.

9. We recite islamic poems and nasheeds to him. We try to make our own too.

10. No music, no TV in our home.

11. We are trying to teach him the word Allah first, instead of da-da, na-na.

12. Kids copy their parents, so we are trying to improve ourselves, and become better.

What do you do to instill islamic values in your children?


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