My baby teaches me something new everyday.

What my two-month old baby taught me?
1. Patience. Lot of patience. I think Allah swt blesses mothers with lot of patience along with the baby. I am amazed by my patience with my baby.

2. Selflessness. Yes, It’s not about me anymore. It’s always about the baby. Baby always comes first. Not me.

3. Functioning without sleep. I can survive sleepless nights and days that go on forever. I can still function. I don’t need 10 hours sleep a night to be active the next day.

4. Value of time. I realize how precious my time is, since it no longer belongs to me alone. My baby has taken all my time so I have become very cautious about my time. 

5. Value of parents: My love, patience and kindness towards my parents has increased more because now I know, NOW I truly know. The way I run whenever my baby cries, I should run whenever my parents call me. The way I make sure, baby is perfectly taken care of, I must make sure my parents needs are also met. The way I never want my baby to cry, I must try my best to keep my parents happy and never let them cry. The way I put my baby first, the way I place his needs before mine, I must do the same with my parents. The way my baby needs my love, care and attention; my parents too need these from me. The sacrifices I make for my baby, everyday sacrifice of sleep and time, the occasional sacrifices of opportunities and fun; I must make the same for my parents and more. My baby has not only made me a mother but also made me a better daughter. Alhumdulillah. Whenever you make dua, make sure you always pray for your parents.  


What did your kids teach you?


11 thoughts on “My baby teaches me something new everyday.

  1. So true! A baby brings out many good characteristics in us. We could never realize our potential until we have a innocent angel totally dependent on us. We can’t stop appreciating what our parent’s did for us!

    I learnt – every blessing I pleaded for is also a test from Allah.
    May Allah help us bring best out of our children and make them coolness of our eyes. Aameen


  2. Everything you say is true, but I think the biggest one for me is that you only truly realise how much your parents have done for you once you have children of your own. Children are blessings in so many ways, alhamdulillah.


  3. I agree with you and besides this, when I teach new things to my son, I make sure I’m telling him the right thing so I just don’t tell him about something until I’m sure of it.


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