Neverland-Jeddah Writing Club

Mornings in neverland.

I wake up to the pleasant sound of chirping birds around me. My bed is green grass and my pillow is scattered jasmine petals. The warm rays of sun,  and the delightful pigeons who were sent by my sisters to wake me up, perch around me singing melodiously.

I thank them with a grateful flying kiss and they fly away.

I smile a wide smile feeling fresh morning breeze on my velvety skin. I stretch my arms and my eyes looking as far as I can see. I am surrounded by beautiful nature all around me, and the farthest I can see are the silhouettes of mountain peaks lining the horizon in enchanting shades of brown and grey.

Tall green trees, clear blue sky bring coolness to my eyes and soul and I feel completely refreshed from deep within. It’s a wonderful new day, I say to myself.

I get up and reach the nearest stream. A rose water stream. There I find my two gorgeous sisters. I hug and kiss them and we all shower in the blissful rose water.  We smell like exotic roses and the scent lasts throughout the day only getting sweeter and sweeter. 

Before breakfast, we all enjoy our early morning flights. We race each other every day to reach our favourite breakfast place. 

We all pick two palm tree leaves each and flap them with our hands and launch ourselves in the sky, joining the birds, flying as gracefully as ever. My skin is kissed by cool breeze and my eyes indulge in pleasing sights of nature. This is my favourite activity. I love flying. Sometimes alone, sometimes with company. Both have their own unique pleasures. I love the view of my beautiful neverland from high above. It’s all green mostly, a myriad of hues and shades of it. Each more mesmerizing than the other, soothing my eyes and soul. And there are vast blue sites, our crystal clear rivers, lakes and seas springing with life. And multitude of tiny specks of colors spread everywhere. They are the generous gifts of nature to us; delicious fruits and fragrant flowers. 

We reach our destination after our refreshing glide. The cocoa fountain garden. Todays breakfast is chocolate drink direct from the cocoa tree spring. Along with mango slices from the grand mango trees sprawling across the cocoa tree.

After the breakfast, we reach the beach where our rides wait for us. Our huge, amazing dolphins. I ride on my dolphin everyday to catch fish for our lunch. It is more of a pleasure than work. Riding atop dolphins in the sea cruising against strong waves is exhilarating to say the least and the feeling after landing a good catch is simply beyond words. 

We acquire as much see food as we can until the mid noon and we return to the land for a nap. A well deserved nap after an exhausting ride in the sea, under the afternoon sky, in windy warm weather feels like heaven. My neverland feels like heaven. I fall into deep sleep.

And then, I hear a trill. I wake up to the sound of shrilling alarm. Alas, My neverland was just a dream.


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