Recycle in Jeddah.

Why mawakeb al ajr is amazing!! 

This post is dedicated to Mawakeb-al-ajr of Jeddah. It is a recycling point plus a second hand shop. It is located in Khalidiyah district behind al badriyyah towers. 

People come and donate to them everything they don’t need(except broken glass and wood) and Mawakeb al ajr will either recycle them or sell the stuff in their second hand shop and donate the money to an orphanage.

They have no rules. They don’t require you to segregate items. They do all the work. They take all the pain. They sort the received items themselves and dispose it accordingly.

They also hold 2nd hand book sales when they have collected enough books.

I just sent 4 cartons of extra stuff from my home to mawakeb al ajr last week. Living in Jeddah means each household produces a lot of plastic(all those shopping bags), a lot of paper( supermarket brochures, booklets etc), and lot of glass(various drinks, vinegars, ketchup bottles, etc). 

And there is an organization which is ready to take all these and more. We all should be grateful to them.

Let us do our bit to make Jeddah green. I suggest each one of us declutter our homes and pay a trip to mawakeb al ajr at least once in 2 months to reduce wastage.

When you recycle, you save trees.

When you donate your unused stuff like say,  a pair of shoes you hardly wear, there are two ways you will be helping the society : Firstly, a person who badly needs shoes will be able to buy it at an affordable price. Secondly, that money will help an orphan too. So, its like double ajr(sawab, reward).

Remember, every good deed counts. Perhaps these efforts of yours will save you from hell fire on the Day of Judgment. 

Contact :

We need more of these in Jeddah.


 What are your favourite recycling organisations of Jeddah?  What has been your experience with them? 


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