Homemakers are not idle!

People keep asking me, “Are you working?” I say NO. They then proceed to ask, “Are you looking for a job?” I reply with a NO again.

They give me strange looks and ask me, ” What do you do all day at home?”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, as a homemaker I have a dozen things to do everyday. I am not idle as you assume. I am crazy busy almost everyday of the week. Like you, working folk, I have huge responsibilities, duties and deadlines too. And in my case, if I fall sick, there will be no food for my family, my home will become haven for germs, and my husband will not able to do his “job” properly because he won’t be able to reach in time.

I do all sorts of work. Hard labour jobs and also time management and organizational jobs of managers and skill based jobs like engineers and creative jobs like artists. I have to be all-in-one.

They say I am idle. Dude, I don’t even get time for myself. Who are you kidding? Talking about kids, I am only a wife now, and the workload is so much. So never dare call mothers idle. Ok? They have way too much on their plates. It is an 16-17 hour job with no holidays and no promotions, no bonuses and we are always placing other’s needs first.

Yes, I hold a degree in Electrical Engineering and I am staying at home. Because, a career and money is not everything in life.
I provide a strong pillar to my husband. I cook tasty and healthy dishes with love for my husband. I take care of his clothes and stuff because he has a very busy, strenuous job and he can’t do it on his own.

And don’t think my brain is being wasted! I am always learning new things. I cook. And cooking involves creativity, skill and talent. There are so many cuisines int he world. I can never stop learning new dishes. I eke out time for my hobbies like writing and DIY. I am staying healthy and active by constantly moving around my home, sweeping, cleaning, dusting and arranging, organizing my home. I do the dishes, it helps me in feeding people and nothing more noble than providing food for family.

Perks of being a homemaker :

1) No evil bosses. You are your own boss. You schedule things according to your priority. Nobody to report to. No jealous colleagues. No dealing with difficult people everyday. No traveling. Safety and security of home.

2) You can always take time out for what you love. I am an active toastmasters club member. The other working ladies sometimes struggle to attend the meetings. Also, My time is in my control. I can join any classes, study anything, take up any new hobbies anytime I like. I can take time out for exercise and games. I give myself homemade facials whenever I like.

3) I am doing worlds toughest and best! I am happy with what I am doing.

Don’t keep asking me why I am idle, I am definitely busier than you, sweetie!

3 cheers to homemakers!


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