10 Apps to become better Muslims:

We are all addicted to our phones. Why not use them to our benefit?
I provide you with the best apps which will make you more religious and productive inshaAllah.

My favourite Islamic Apps : ( Links from iOS store)

1. Salat Tracker :

Easiest, simplest and most efficient Salat Tracker ever.
In monthly view you can see a calendar and it shows no. of Salahs performed at each date. Feels great to see 5/5 scores 🙂
Also, shows bar graphs for monthly and yearly views. Helps you to know which Salah you are missing on mostly.

2. Keys to Paradise:
It’s really like a key to paradise in your packet. Use it to believe it. It has ways to enter Jannah, list of actions that lead to hell fire and supplications.

3. myDuaa (Fortress of a Muslim):

It has all authentic duas for various occasions. Keep it on ur home screen n use it frequently. It is really a good habit to keep remembering Allah often throughout the day, and this app makes it possible. Also, the best feature is its audio playback loop mode. Makes memorizing duas easy.

4. Qamar Deen(Track ur Islam):

Again a Salat Tracker app(Dhuha and Qiyam included), but u can also track Quran recitations, Sadaqah, Fasting with this one.

5. Muhasabah Questionnaire:
For Tracking my ibadah I prefer the above apps, but this app in the Questionnaire form might appeal to some of you. Because thats what is going to happen in grave and on the Day of Judgement. Questions will be asked to us and we have to answer. Why not prep for aqirah with this app?

6. Quran for all:.
It has audio lectures on Hadith, Quran and other topics by Dr. Farhath Hashmi. Mostly, they are in Urdu but English lectures are also available. Play it in the background while doing your chores to maximize your productivity.

7. Hadith of the day:
A new hadith everyday, with a brief explanation and its relevance in modern times. One of the best hadith apps ever.

8. QuranMajeed Free:
There are so many Quran apps, but this one takes the lead. Simplest, with easiest navigation and also loop playblack feature for selected ayah of the Quran.

9. Scholars of Islam:
Brilliant quotes from Scholars of Islam are presented beautifully in this app. Both search and favourite feature is available.

10. Alf sunnah:Let’s revive some sunnahs. This app lists thousand sunnahs spread throughout the day for us to incorporate in our lives. Imagine the ajr!

Saving the best for last, Muslim pro has it all: Quran, qibla direction, prayer times, hijri calendar and a couple other stuff. It is an all in one app. Go check it out:

Use these apps everyday for maximum benefit. In sha Allah, we all will become better muslims in the sight of Allah.

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